Man has yet to tap into the fullest and most powerful resource found on earth or in all of the Universe. And that resource of powerfulness is no other than that in existence within all mankind. That power within escapes mankind and shall continue to do so, so long as the mind of man seeks sources of power from outside of self. Man sees power in nature and even sees power in all things produced, manufactured by himself and the more that he sees and seeks sources for power outside of self, the more he becomes convinced of his own lack of power.

Above is the method based on the essence of traditional Hawaiian Spirituality, and within the ancient teachings identified as Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala – Making Right, More Right, the Path. Herein, the implication is the Aloha Spirit value for promoting the “wellness and rightness at the onset. In the Hawaiian Aloha mindset, it was understood that one choosing to accept “wellness” at the onset, would receive it sooner than not, so the concept for “wellness,” suited the Aloha values and the practice was eagerly promoted and embraced. This form having existed prior to Western and missionary influences is virtually an unfamiliar practice by most Hawaiians today.