The One-ness is the knowing that all on the planet and in the Universe are of the same foundational makeup, and that makeup is energy. And it is energy, invisible, and real, the first structure to embody into a form, matter and density that operates at specific, though various frequency levels. Spirit is an energy, rarely sighted, due to its high frequency, uses its power to direct its energies to lower frequencies, resulting in the human form ideally suited to the Earth plane. And Spirit continues to create physical forms, and conditions for its human experiences, and that through human experiences the mind of man easily looses “reality” by disconnecting itself from Spirit and Spirit-realities. It is the conscious mind that separates from the One-ness, the invisible energies of the all-ness, and the knowing, that all is energy, all is one-ness. It is the knowing that Spirit creates for human experiences. And that with Spirit, the reality of all, there are no negative experiences, but only in the mind of man who thinks to suit a human reality and need for it. With Spirit, all things are possible, though man tends to easily disagree, and rightly so since man’s mind is not as familiar to “possibilities,” as it is to the “impossibilities.” And so it will take consistent mental re-enforcements to reconnect to truth and Spirit-realities. Death, demise of the body, as accepted by the human mind is suicidal acceptance, and that there is and never has been a real reason for such acceptance.