God sometimes is visualized as an old man with a long white beard, dressed in dazzling white robes, and seated on a throne made of gold, and as having a “central headquarters.” Actually, the meaning of the word “GOD,” as we understand it and use it in the English language, is not found in the Aramaic text of the bible. Our word GOD come from the German language ~ a language Jesus never heard or spoke, and not from Aramaic his native tongue. It is derived from the German word Goot and means “THE GOOD ONE.” Therein, the word “GOD” doesn’t express the full meaning and understanding of Aramaic equivalent. There just isn’t a corresponding word in English. And the best one can do is simply to transliterate the ARAMAIC word-ALAHA (pronounced, ahl-ah-hah).

This Aramaic word for God, ALAHA

This Aramaic word for God, ALAHA, (interestingly similar is the Hawaiian word-ALOHA), is also seen in the Arabic-ALLAH, and in the Hebrew-ALOHIM. And all of these Semitic words come from the Aramaic root word, AL. The closest one may get to extracting a meaning from the word ALLAH, would be “essence, substance or premise.” None of these words, by any means should be taken as a definition for ALLAH. If one were to ask an Easterner what ALLAH means to him, he would not reply in theological terms, but in simple and direct language: “ALLAH” is my very breath, my very heartbeat, and my very life.” To the consciousness of the man of the Middle East, the living God encompasses him and watches over him as a shepherd watches over his flock.

Infinite Intelligence is Everywhere

Infinite Intelligence is Everywhere…Since ALLAH, or “GOD” is everywhere present and is the essence of all things, then we can easily see that we are living in a spiritual universe filled with GOD. The entire cosmic system is alive and dynamic. There is order in it all! No matter what limitations and disorder the mind of man chooses to dwell upon for one’s own reality experiences. There is infinite intelligence in it all!! Take for example the tiny grass seed. It is a living chemical factory endowed with an intelligence all it’s own. The seed knows how to trap solar energy and convert it into itself. This secret, man is trying to learn today. The seed also knows how to work with the law of death-to corrupt itself, to shed the old outer hull, and to release the new life. This little seed then, will either give the world food to help sustain life, or it will help beautify our planet and make it a more livable place. “Grass” doesn’t try to grow, it just grows where it is. Birds don’t try to fly, they just fly. Fish don’t try to swim, they just swim…

We commune with GOD through our intelligence

It is through our intelligence that we commune with the living GOD. This intelligence within us is highly intuitive and sensitive. Our union with God is understood and felt intuitively, and not just intellectually. Inner intelligence governs the physical body and regulates all the living cells that make life and health. And “it is the Spirit that gives life,” and thereby causes the body to grow. (see John 6:63) Our physical bodies are in the constant care of God, or Infinite intelligence. This power continually and spontaneously works to heal all psychic and physical wounds we inflict upon ourselves, or which others inflict upon us. And it is Infinite intelligence that governs the demise of the body that frees the spirit to move on into the next level for experiences. Remember that the whole universe is filled with “God-Goddess” for “God-Goddess” is Spirit, and the Spirit means “that which is everywhere present.” Therefore, the counsel and guidance we may need are there, ever-present for us to tap into. But what often happens is that we do not stay “in tune” to receive the guidance we need. Through negative mental attitudes, we tune into other channels, such as fear, worries, jealousy, and resentments. And sometimes we turn off our receivers altogether! So, we must constantly consciously and actively “tune in” to God-Goddess guidance and counsel. After all, God-Goddess is both around and within us.