The Bowl of Perfect Light

Ka Po’e Kahiko O Moloka’I — The Ancient People from Moloka’i

Tales from the Night Rainbow by Pali Lee & Koko Willis,1987

And so it was known that “each child born came with a “Bowl of Perfect Light.” And providing that the child was taught to carefully, mindfully tend to his/her light, the child grew in strength, and able to do all things – swim with the sharks in the deepest oceans, fly with the birds in the heavens, know and understand all things. If, however, the child becomes envious, jealous, judgmental he/she must drop a stone into their bowl of light, causing some of the light to go out, since light and stone cannot occupy the same space and time. And if one continues to fill the bowl with stones, the light will go out completely, and he/she becomes a stone and like a stone, one no longer grows or is able to move. One remains in this state of being until if at any time, one tires of being a stone and realizes that all he needs to do is turn the bowl upside down, letting all the stones fall out, and light can shine through and fill the bowl again, and grow even brighter than before. The child learns very quickly, that nothing is impossible, and living life in the darkness, the density of trauma and drama, or not is simply a “moment to moment choice.”