E Pu’uwai ‘Eha — The Heart That Hurts

“Aloha Aunty…it’s me, Leinani. And I’m calling you Aunty because my relationship with Andy is in majah pilikia…and we need help! I mean we’ve been together a little over a year now, and we keep butting heads on so many levels with just the everyday stuff. We communicate a lot with endless hours in discussions and getting to know what works for us, and all that….but like right now “in this moment” I’m all drained out. And it’s from the discussion we had last night, and then this morning I just wanted everything to be ok with us, and I tried to hug him. Instead, he was very moody, and didn’t want to be hugged. And….”

Ok, stop, I get the picture. But let’s back up a bit, and tell me, wasn’t it you that sooo wanted to be in a relationship? In fact, didn’t you say, how so ready you were for a relationship. I can recall how “being ready” to be in a relationship really filled you up. So, your present head butting session is draining, yes? So, how’s about allowing it to be the process that you both need at this time. And that his moodiness is just his way of working through the process. And you might wanna begin this “ok process” with a good attitude by replacing the words, majah pilikia with majah pono! Words are powerful, afta-all!

The Left Side of Pono

“I don’t get it” My son is going to war today to fight a battle far away . . . He is my only son and he leaves behind a young wife and their little boy. We live in the most highly advanced and civilized country in the world . . . How is it possible our leaders choose to send our youth to war? Haven’t we risen above such mentality – isn’t it enough his father died in Vietnam? When will it ever end? When will we cease to resolve our issues with others through war and violence and repeated history of our old consciousness? If it is as you messaged Aunty . . . that all is pono, in excellence, in divine order, I don’t get this one. My son is going to war and leaders of this great country have ordered him and many other young lives to war. Is this divine order? Can you tell it to my heart, as it grieves and suffers in bitterness? When will our leaders stop this repeated insanity?

Oh dearest one – this situation is so entwined in humanness, in the most heart wrenching limitations and impossibilities imbedded in this “school of hard knocks” if you will. And when one feels forced to focus in human drownings, there is no other sight to see. With this said – your mind and heart will hear nothing more this day. Let me know when you choose to leave the “darkness” that is obviously present in your reality right now, then call me. Because right now – the issues are such a heart wrenching state of focus for you that can be carried on and on and on as your repeated history. Let me know when you are done! It is of divineness. It is all pono. It is of using our willpower for choosing our moments in whatever state of being.

Waha A’ale Hana — All Talk, No Action

“Well, there goes another sleeping entity. Did you notice that person, Aunty? That one that was all mana’o-mental, live-in the mind type. You know the ones that speak before their ears have a chance to connect with their brains, to really listen, or the same ones who think they have the answers to everything, but really know little to nothing. And added to that are those who want to experience more good in their lives, but won’t do the moment to moment actions that it takes to make it happen, and yet wonder why, it’s not happening. Gee, that’s so na’aupo-in darkness upon one who won’t use the knowledge when given. So really, Aunty, they lie to themselves, and don’t realize it. Boy, and I can spot ‘em, since I use-to-be just like them.” “Yes, I know the one you’re referring too. And you’re right, you were so that way too, all Waha A’ale Hana – all talk with no action…or what’s considered right actions for gains in awareness and experiences.” “So, Aunty, tell me again please, why are such types attending the Pono workshops?”

“Well, my goodness, all you’d have to do is ask yourself why you did. Do you remember?” “Yes, the first time was purely out of curiosity, and because I love the Hawaiian culture. Then, I was so amazed by the teachings, the simplicity and pragmatism. And it was so good to hear the mo’olelo-stories and examples for incorporating the practice of the Pono teachings into my daily, moment-to-moment activities. “It was “do-able” once I got my mana’o-mind out of the old ways of thinking, and fully-trained in the Pono practices, and free my pu’uwai-heart, emotions from running amuck in old painful emotional patterns. And really, it had lots to do with facing my own mirrors and coming to grips with, how do I want to live my life. It’s the knowing that I am the creator-reactor of my life situations, and that every situation is seeded with two types of effects that I will have to live with, once I’ve chosen an affect. “ I’ve learned through painful lessons, too numerous to count, that it is so important to choose to live my moments in joyfulness, in Pono!! I’ve learned through painful moments, that I really didn’t need to do painful moments anymore. Wow, what a relief!! And all I needed to do was simply change my thoughts and emotions for re-actions, to free myself from Pilikia-trauma and drama moments. It’s such a kick when I think of having to repeat the same old lessons, same old painful experiences, too numerous to count, until I finally “got it!” ‘Finally realizing that all my experiences of struggles, heart aches and pain would keep happening because I manifested it. I finally got it, that if I don’t choose Pono-the excellence, rightness, joyfulness, even if I have to fake being joyful, which is ok, since it is still a form of “practicing,” and that’s still better than choosing Pilikia, the results for manifestation will be on the choice I’ve made. “It’s that Kanawai Moakaaka-law of attraction and manifestation, or that “like creates it’s own likeness” stuff. In my old days, I understood this law, and would mouthed/ speak and make intelligent noises concerning it, but I never took it seriously enough to commit myself to consciously practice it in my life, which is to say, I never put it to favorable use or action . It was as you verbalize Aunty, WAHA A’ALE HANA-all mouth/talk with no action. Well, I finally got tired of stumbling in the dark and stubbing my toe time and time again upon my cemented creations!! Been there, done that, Mahalo Pau-thanks, I’m done with the old programs, and I feel so alive and free!” “Maika’i loa-very good, grasshopper!! Hee, hee, you’ve learned your lessons well, indeed, you have!!

I Ka Pono — Right Place, Right Time, Right Being

Aloha, Kupuna, I wanted to ask you about the words you used for expressing the excellence; “i ka pono,” to mean a state of excellence for being in the “right place, right time, right being,” yes? “Yes, the words purposefully expresses “in the excellence,” and to mean that one accepts the “rememberance” that all things are in an excellent state of being, regardless of the human mentality accustomed to fear, limitations and logic. The knowingness of this concept resides best within the heart space, than with the mana’o-mind.” So, with this “recognition, and acceptance,” the heart is free from unnecessary struggles with the mind, over concepts for beliefs and values that could easily have caused battles between mind and heart. “Hmmmm – so Kupuna, does it mean that no matter what I do- all things are pono-excellent, right? I mean everything is already in right order, yes?” “Yes, this is so.” replied the Kupuna. “Hmmmm – then I could quit my job today, or even be fired and it’s all pono – in the excellence! I could just go surfing all day long, and it’s pono, and I can count on the universe to provide for my food supply and my financial needs, right? Since all is pono and I have no need to worry, right?” “Yes, this is so.” replied the Kupuna. “You mean it would be pono to change my life so drastically, and that the universe will supply my needs and all, even though I don’t believe that that could happen to me?”

“It’s happening. You’re living your belief and values, and the Universe is serving you the manifestation as we speak. You’re not surfing all day, but you’re at a job, that you may or may not like, out of necessity to meet your needs, as is in accordance to your seeded belief, and will continue until you choose to change your belief. Your belief is simply a thought held as “truth” within the mana’o, that resource, and major controlling center that I also refer to as the file cabinet. In it you can review the memory tapes of past & present beliefs and values. And from it, choose to make changes for new experiences.” replied the Kupuna. “So, I guess I shouldn’t change my lifestyle, like going surfing all day and expecting the universe to provide me with my financial needs and stuff, unless I believe it, right?” “Yes, that‘s right! And it’s all up to you for changing your experiences or not, at any moment in time, and that‘s PONO!” You’re in the excellence, obviously “in right place, right time, right being,” in accordance to your chosen belief and values up to this very moment in time. Verrrrry PONO!!

Ahi Mea — Hot Stuff (via Email)

Aloha Aunty,

I am learning huna from the limited resources I have. Currently, have read about Max freedom Long and Serge Kahili. I wanted to know if you could teach me how to build my faith, because I have come to the conclusion that faith plays the most important part in religion and life. I want to have more faith in God. secondly I want to learn how to grow taller at the age of 25. I believe everything is possible and especially after reading about Huna,. If the dead can rise I can always grow taller. Kindly help me in this task. I can’t afford workshops and going to them because I live far off. It would be kind of you to help via email.

Thank you regards …….


It would take many emails and time to teach anyone how to have “faith in god, etc.” Because, for most, it means re-programing from old belief systems and religious docturines that were set in place by man and man’s interpetations to serve the self-appointed religious leaders in their promotion to “serve god” through their own means of power and control over the populace. It also takes “time & opportunities” to live “experiences” of self-growth to “evolve” mentally, emotionally, and spiritually beyond the emails and workshops for you to gain your own levels of “faith in god,” and or to manifest your belief that your physical growth is possible beyond the age of 25. Both desires are “challenges” of a very high energetic order – and it will require an equal or higher exchange of “like energy.” It is the price to pay and must be paid “willingly,” or one remains a “beggar” with “a wishing well of unfulfilled dreams.” With this said, you perhaps can see the need and possibilities for “time” and further “evolvements,” that do require making use of every opportunity, and without wasting a moment’s regards to any “impossibilities.” Look beyond the details and keep your mind focus on the dream, the goal. Be as the good guardian farmer awaiting the harvest of nature’s bounty in the food from the earth. Know that as the guardian, your job is to keep the garden clear of weeds, bugs, and animals, and to nurture the plants. Your job is not to “take over control” away from the natural elements (climate, sun, moon, rain, etc.) of other “details” that “make the plants grow,” but to “assist” in the growth, and to have “faith” that your support will reap you the “rewards.” All “creations” are not about just YOU, but that there are “other details” involve beyond YOU. This is some of what “Spirituality” is about. I refer to it as “divine truths.” This is the type of “teachings” that somehow didn’t get rightfully translated into man’s program referred to as “religion.” So, I would advise you to work on things that you can work on to become “evolved.” As an example, be enlighted to your own email, whereby you wrote of your two goals, as well as what you “assumed” you wouldn’t be able to do; like workshops because you couldn’t afford it and you lived far away. By “assuming” the impossible, you slammed the door shut on any and all opportune “details.” I advise you to stop such old programming and keep yourself open to all possibilities from this day forward. Start doing your own workshop-study program, and prepare your mental and emotional heart and mind to “accept” new ways of responding. Start to do your own internal “changes.” Look for online programs that help you to expand your awareness. Take up reading good books and listening to Cds that teaches you more about “Spirituality.” Theres a lot that you can do all on your own, if you’re willing. It’s beyond emails and limited thoughts. Recognize that you are a Spiritual being, and all things are possible. Read my website, check out my booklist page, and many others, such can be done at your convience and in your far away home. Get on with doing your own work-study program.

Btw, Huna is not Hawaiian…see my website.