Anake Mahealani comes from a lineage of healers, teachers, counsellors, priests, and priestesses — providers of ceremonial events and considers the joining of couples as one of the most spiritually joyous events ever.

She is one of a few native Hawaiian inter-denominational Kahu (priestess) certified in the State of Hawaii to perform weddings – there are less than a handful.

In your ceremony, and upon your request, Anake Mahealani will include Hawaiian wedding vows in Hawaiian and English. This will be included along with your personal “readings/information” that you wish to share or have her share, as well as your own vows and traditions.

Her own presentations are “in-the-moment” spiritual messages from the ancestors, angels, and guides. These are messages that are spiritually engineered to benefit every couple she marries. She does not use a “scripted” dialogue, preferring instead to rely on the Spirit for messages and guidance.

With this energize manner, Anake Mahealani shares an immediate bond between herself and the wedding couple upon first meeting, and within minutes before the ceremony. Also, in keeping with her Hawaiian style, Anake Mahealani includes the wedding party and attending guests (if any) in the ceremonial experience. After your ceremony, she will also gift a beautiful signed keepsake of your Hawaiian wedding vows.

Additional Services

The following can be included upon request.

Lei Presentations

The giving and receiving of flower leis were, and are the traditional Hawaiian exchange of choice, prior to wedding rings. Your choice to include the traditional flower leis along with the wedding rings or not. Lei Presentations consist of two parts, and both parts consist of two leis per part (four leis total): 

  1. The gifting of leis to the bride and groom from the opposite family members/representative as a “welcome gift” into the family of the bride or groom; and 
  2. The lei exchange (two leis) between the bride and groom – usually done just before the vows, followed by the wedding rings. 

Ceremonial Sacred Awa Drink

The first toast to each other for the bride and groom. The sacred Awa was once thought to be the drink for the gods, the na Ali’i (royalty). It was for use in very sacred ceremonies presided over only by a Hawaiian Kahu, Kumu or in some instances, a Kupuna (elder). It was otherwise forbidden and thought to be unlucky in ceremonial use without a Hawaiian Kahu, Kumu, or Kupuna, or one selected or adopted into the teachings. Today, Awa is used more openly for its healing qualities. In keeping with her Hawaiian tradition, Anake Mahealani can incorporate the Awa in the wedding ceremony. She does so with the advisement that the drink is not “champaign” in taste, but rather earthy and does have a numbing effect upon some.

The Wedding Kapa

In keeping with the Hawaiian traditions, couples were adorned with a personal Wedding Kapa (once made of woven leaves, now a fabric piece) pinned on one side to the bride’s shoulder and the other side to the groom’s shoulder, and worn during the ceremony. The Kapa was said to promote the energies for abundance, health, wealth, love, joy, and many children, if desired.

Your keepsake Wedding Kapa by Anake Mahealani is a 45″ x 72″ pure cotton piece, custom and beautifully hand-painted signature piece with your names and wedding date within a heart design onto a printed Hawaiian-design fabric. Don’t worry! it’s washable!

As a keepsake, your Kapa may be displayed as an additional decorative bedspread or pillow cover, or beautifully framed as an art picture above the bed or anywhere else in the home. Price: $145.

Suggested Wedding Sites

  • Ahalanui Park in Kapoho
  • Queen Liliuokalani Park in Hilo
  • Coconut Island in Hilo

Ceremonial Fees

Fees are dependent on location.

  • Pahoa – Keaau — $245. 
  • Hilo – Volcano (to 15 mi. marker) — $255
  • Hamakua (up to N. Hilo before Pauillo) — $335
  • Honoka’a – Waimea — $425. 
  • South Kona and other Kona Areas — $455 – $525

Fees are payable in:

  • Cash
  • Money order, cashier, or traveller’s checks made out to M. Henry. Sorry, no personal checks or charge cards. 
  • Paypal: 


Upon agreement with Mahealani of your requested date, you will need to mail your non-refundable deposit to lock-in your scheduled date. The deposit is 50% of the total.

Remaining Balance

The remaining balance is due within 15 days before the scheduled date.

Marriage License & Certificate

Upon receiving your License and Certificate of Marriage Document, please carefully fill in ONLY the following spaces prior to the wedding day: 

  • Spaces #16, both bride and groom (in the respective spaces); PRINT (use BLACK INK pen) 1) MIDDLE NAME, 2) LAST NAME after marriage, 3) LEGAL SIGNATURE AFTER MARRIAGE. (do not scratch out if U make a mistake; will need to white out with liquid correction & redo). 
  • Optional. SPACE #19 a, b; Signatures of 2 witnesses 

Anake Mahealani will receive your License and Certificate of Marriage Document after your wedding ceremony and fill in the remaining spaces.

For information on State marriage license requirements, visit