Imua! Ku Pa’a! Move forward resolutely into your Spirit Greatness. Sharing lifestyles will prepare you to support growth in self-awareness and peace with others. It is about recognizing the Uhane Nui, the Spirit Greatness within you, connecting with your Kiakahi, your purpose, while appreciating your Honua I Loko Honua, your world within the world.

The wisdom and spiritually pragmatic messages from the ancestors, angels, guardians, and guides will assist your navigation of choice, through and beyond mass consciousness. This is time-tested Kanaka Maoli wisdom, passed down from ancestors in my family lineage. You will experience Na Koho Pono, the right choices, for your life as you disengage from old habits and programs from the “fault-finding society,” seeded in “fears and limitations.”

It is time to make the changes for improvements! Come join the Wa’a(canoe) for a 7-day intesive internship in the authentic grassroots philosophy of Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right, The Path.

You reach da beach when you reach da beach.

As was the way of the Na Kupuna, our ancestors, the internship will be provided in the traditional “Live-In” immersion way of mentoring na haumana (students). And that the Spiritual and human healthiness are dependent upon the individual’s mental and emotional states of being. Na kupuna, ancestors, having lived and experienced this honua (earth) and human existence know the pono (excellence-perfection) and what needs we must have to gift ourselves a Pono life-style!

Why is immersion so important? As one of my haumana (student) says:

“We don’t “Mana’o,” think, ourselves into new ways of living. We “Malama Ola,” nurture and live, ourselves into new ways of being, to see lasting change by recognizing and reconnecting with Spirit Greatness, Uhane Nui.

The evidence from my experiences with na haumana (students) over the years is the awareness it takes, scientifically speaking, a minimum of 7 days to change and expand from old habits and patterns.  As my grandpa would say, “…you reach da beach, when you reach da beach!” 

So, if you are an optimist at heart, wanting to better your relationships and the world, and you’ve experienced more than enough pilikia, trauma and drama, in your life, and are ready to reconnect with your JOY and SPIRIT GREATNESS, this is the program for you. Restoring your Mana Iho, your self-esteem, is your first step. You have to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others.

Join Kumu La’akea for a 7 day internship in the authentic life philosophy of Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala.




Program Overview

This is a “live-in residence” internship at Hale O Na Kupuna(house of the ancestors) with me through Kumu La’akea in a intensive program.

The internship will include Classes every morning, moving into Cultural classes of learning Oli(chants), Kahiko(ancient hula to the chants), Lauhala weaving, La’au Lapa’au(medicinal plants), Mele(Hawaiian songs), travel to sacred sites,  students taking time to engage the teachings with experiences gained from their own tours of the island, the people, lifestyle, etc., and then sharing their experiences in sessions. The class sessions and immersion living will allow you free time on your own to reflect and process your learning while experiencing the sights and energies of this Healing Island.

Depending on the number of internships, students will likely have shared-room accommodations with one other like-minded student. Kitchen, laundry facilities, and living areas are provided. Students will participate in light house-keeping, and will provide their own food and transportation. Car rentals are available at the Hilo Airport.

My house is 8-10 minutes from our small town of Pahoa with restaurants, grocery stores, Subway sandwich shop, and a health food store that serves delicious hot food selections at their deli. Also there is a Farmer’s Market every Sunday for locally grown fruits and veggies.


Four Intern positions open monthly
July through December 2021
Contact La’akea at before the positions get filled.
 I would earnestly advise you to check with the airlines (Alaskan, United…) that fly DIRECT FLIGHTS  into Hilo airport.  Hilo airport is 45min., from my house & I can arrange to pick you up at the airport.  Kona airport is the only other airport on my island and it is located about a 2.3 hour’s drive from my town. You would need to rent a car & drive to my home.  However, if your arrival is after 5pm, I would advise that you stay overnight in Kona, & then next day drive over to my side of this very large island.   Once you have the needed information, (do not book the flight reservations until) you check with my schedules.  










Internship program fees, which includes live-in accommodations:

  • 7-Day Program — $1,400

There is a non-refundable deposit of $500. Do be mindful that the sooner your fees are received, the sooner you are registered in.

NOTE: Just in case you don’t know, getting accommodations in Hawaii and a cultural Spiritual Kumu (teacher), 24-7, at these above prices is a rarity, just saying.


Please send your payments using my  link:


Venmo@Beverly_Rumsey                                     PayPal.Me/Rumsey3693