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Mahealani Kuamo’o-Henry, Kumu ‘Elele o Na Kupuna is a kanaka maoli-native Hawaiian Aunty and Kumu from Puna, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Aunty is a teacher-messenger for the spiritual voices of the ancestors within the strong lineage of na Kumu, Kahu, & Kahuna (teachers, guardians, priests, priestess/ advisors and healers) under the leadership of her ancestral Kupuna-Kane (grandfather), named Kaiwikuamo’o kekuaokalani.” This translates as the “backbone strength of the heavenly chiefs.”.

Mo’olelo, Story telling

She shares the tradition about her culture, and Aloha Spiritual values for self, others and the environment in group presentations, at retreats, and within her workshops through the ancient spiritually-pragmatic teachings of Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala.

Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala

ipu heke

Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala is the belief system and method for “making right more right, the path.” Many are surprised to learn about this form of Ho’opono pono rooted in the Aloha Spirit rather than of the Christian and Western adaptation for “conflict resolutions, to include the modern program adaptation for marketing western values noted as, “Forgiveness.”

Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala predates both adaptations, and brings forward the Aloha for self and to promote “self-best” through self-permission to recognize and accept self-greatness,” to experience it moment-by-moment in all areas of one’s life, and to lay at waste the “fear-based” mind sets for power, control, sins, and damnations. It is the ancient knowing that you are obviously the best “you” ever, there are no duplicates, you’re It, the original YOU; the god-goddess makes no mistakes!

In addition to her workshop activities and speaking engagements, Aunty Mahealani served as a cultural-based counselor for the Federal DASH (drug alcohol substance abuse) rehabilitation program.

She is also a Kahu-priestess and officiates at weddings, blessings, wakes, and memorials.

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