“In these hard economic times, and global changes, it’s so important to have an excellent relationship of one-ness with your Self-greatness, and Spirit guides, so as to avoid or lesson your own melt down moments, exclaimed Aunty Mahealani, a Hawaiian Spiritual teacher and messenger for the ancestors and guides.

“You see,” she explains, “life is about changes and evolvements through involvements from conditions meant to challenge us out of our comfort zones.  It’s the purpose for our experiencing life beyond the cradle and prior to the physical passing, in releasing of Spirit, the true essence of self.  Imagine embracing the truth of who we are and the purpose for our being, while mastering life’s challenging conditions to wellness experiences – smoothly and easily, upon one’s decision for choice and acceptance.  It is to connect to the emotions, the heart place for confirming the feelings that life challenges are meant to be, to happen, exactly as it happens, like storms in nature, not a fluke of nature, but a natural happening that simply happens in conjunction with other elements at play. And the simplicity of it is about the reaction for choice, to take proper precautions, or to ignore it. Either movement creates a next step to accepting one’s Mastership role.

Aunty Mahealani is a Hawaiian Kumu-teacher of the ancient Hawaiian teachings of Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala, that has helped many to become their own Master achievers, many who would resoundingly say, “Pono, the Perfection Matters… in all moments, and in all experiences,” the skill is having the awareness and the practice in place within ourselves to “get us maintaining our lives in moments of perfection.  And the moments happen with every breath we take; let it be that action to tune us into the next moment for choosing to do life in struggle, or smoothly and easily.   

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