Aloha mai e 'ohana!

During these times, where wisdom and guidance are needed more than ever, Na Kupuna (the Ancestor) have given Anake the message to share the teachings as much as she can, and with as many as people as possible.

As the current environment makes it all the more reason to expand into the possibilities of sharing the teachings, Anake will be stepping into a new era of her kuleana (responsibility) by moving everything to an online membership program.

Recently, Anake has been participating in group meetings and podcasts via the internet as a guest speaker, taking personal calls, and responding to emails.  We will record as much of the teachings that come through these activities and share them with members. 

This is how the membership program is laid out:

Kohola Ke Ala, The Path of the Whales (12 Months)

  • Two pre-recorded videos, featuring messages from Na Kupuna(the Ancestors).
  • Two Live videos where you will experience some intimate, interactive , magical moments with Kumu Mahealani and Kumu La’akea.
  • Consideration for invitation to Annual Retreat – the first retreat will be held in Hawai’i, more details to follow.
   Kohola Ke Ala
Price  $360
12 months



Twice a month Live Classes will be available.

Check in Member Portal for dates.

Live Video Class


2pm Hawaii Time



As a member it will be your responsibility to check the Member Portal page for the scheduled days to get link for the Zoom class. Mahalo!

Anake recognizes that while we have a plan in place, Na Kupuna and Spirit may ask her to continue to evolve the program. So consider this a starting point – a starting point from which things will only expand.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Aloha, aloha pono.