Aloha mai e 'ohana!

During these times, where wisdom and guidance are needed more than ever, Na Kupuna (the Ancestor) have given Anake the message to share the teachings as much as she can, and with as many as people as possible.

As the current environment makes it all the more reason to expand into the possibilities of sharing the teachings, Anake will be stepping into a new era of her kuleana (responsibility) by moving everything to an online membership program.

Recently, Anake has been participating in group meetings and podcasts via the internet as a guest speaker, taking personal calls, and responding to emails. She’s also been sharing teachings with her ‘ohana at her hale (home) in Pahoa. We will record as much of the teachings that come through these activities and share them with members. 

This is how the membership program is laid out:

Naia Ke Ala, The Path of the Dolphins (Monthly)

  • One 30-minute video class session with Anake
  • Two pre-recorded audio presentations (approx. 30-45+ minutes each)

Pueo Ke Ala, The Path of the Owls (6 Months)

  • Access to Naia Plan 
  • Access to ‘Ohana Classes – smaller, intimate video class session(s) with Anake and 10-12 other members (approx. 20+ minutes)

Kohola Ke Ala, The Path of the Whales (12 Months)

  • Access to Naia and Pueo Plan
  • Access to Mana Iho (Self-Empowerment) Program – this program includes assignments, activities, and more mo’olelo from Anake and Na Kupuna
  • Consideration for invitation to Annual Retreat – the first retreat will be held in Hawai’i, more details to follow.

The monthly rate is USD $30, which is the same amount Anake usually receives for a single class. Now, with moving things online, you will get access to more classes for less, as well as all past recordings that you can access at your convenience. Also, to get the wa’a moving, a discount is available for the first 25 people to sign up under any of the plans.

 Naia Ke Ala
Pueo Ke Ala
Kohola Ke Ala
Regular Price$30
1 month
6 months
12 months
Initial Discount Price for the First 25 Members to Sign Up
(returns to Regular Price on next payment)
Discount Code67A7EC68482664F304CA C49B0A2736

Anake recognizes that while we have a plan in place, Na Kupuna and Spirit may ask her to continue to evolve the program. So consider this a starting point – a starting point from which things will only expand.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Aloha, aloha pono.