Aloha mai kakou!

In this short clip, Anake Mahealani shares her insights on the miracles of the present situation, and her kuleana (responsibility) to help others shift their perspective through the Ancient Hawaiian teachings and stories of Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right, More Right The Path.

This is the first of many recordings that Anake will be releasing over the next several weeks to support her haumana (students), and all people, navigate these interesting times – or as Anake would like to phrase it, “opportunities to evolve.”

Next week, Anake will be sharing teachings centered around the idea of “Who’s in charge?”

Anake will be opening up the discussion to Q&A. Listeners can submit their questions for consideration by filling out this form: Question for Anake Mahealani. To become a member, sign up here: Membership.

Mahalo nui loa!

Aloha, aloha pono!

“We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea, and you don’t believe in miracles?”