Aloha mai kakou!

Anake Mahealani is steadily putting together an exciting program for those jumping into the digital wa’a (canoe). We just want to share a couple of the most exciting updates.

Annual Retreat for Members of Kohola Ke Ala (Path of the Whales) Program

One of the most exciting things that Anake Mahealani would like to share at this moment is the launch of an annual retreat. Only those who are part of the Kohola Ke Ala program will be considered, and access will be by invitation only. Jumping into the wa’a sooner than later will be given special consideration for the retreat, so be sure to register as soon as you’re ready. The first annual retreat will be hosted here in Hawaii. More details will follow.

Kumu La'akea, Kumu Ho'okele Ola (Life Navigator) to join Na'ia Ke Ala (Path of the Dolphins) Program

Those of you who know Anake Mahealani very well also know Kumu La’akea. Kumu La’akea will be teaming up with Anake on the Na’ia Ke Ala program to provide pre-recorded audio teachings related to Ho’okele Ola, Life Navigation. From time to time, Kumu La’akea may also host online interactive classroom sessions.

Announcing Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala – Making Right More Right, The Path – Online Membership Program.




 Naia Ke Ala
Pueo Ke Ala
Kohola Ke Ala
Regular Price$30
1 month
6 months
12 months


As a reminder, to join the membership program, click the button below. Please do not use PayPal as it is not part of our membership system.

Mahalo nui loa!

Aloha, aloha pono!