Hau’oli Makahiki Hou – Happy New Year!

My family & I celebrated New Year’s Eve on a boat cruise sitting off of Waikiki beach on O’ahu island with a birds eye view of the fantastic fireworks displayed on Waikiki beach and on various areas on the island. And then it happened, minutes after the end of the fireworks…the unexpected, the EVIDENCE of magical blessings, in the glorious arrival of two… beautiful NA KOHOLA – WHALES who surfaced within yards (close enough to feel their spray upon us) on the portside of our boat…Tah dah! Talk about starting off this new year with a huge memo..delivered by WPS (Whales Postal Service) “to live the year in Magic with gentle love & kindness upon self & others…E PULE KAKOU”. 

The First Sunrise of 2012 – Hilman Bobo’s Image

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