O’ Uhane nui – Spirit greatness was so evident in this past weekend Pono classes on O’ahu Island.  I began the classes on Friday evening with a program that didn’t happen because my classes were taken over & led by a newly evolved spirit,  named Vicky, a former student of mine who recently changed address and chose to be a co-facilitator with my usual team of kupuna – ancestors.  This was an extradonary experience, and beyond anyone’s wildest expectations, including mine.   Vicky had wanted to be in my classes and urged her husband to attend too.  Vicky was the first to answer & return the questionnaire that was sent to everyone who had signed into the classes.  And she did receive her answers via an email I sent in reply, and prior to her sudden death from a brain hemorrhage.   Her husband, though in shock & grief did fill her wishes to attend my classes and was so grateful that he did.  He shared how much Vicky had accelerated in her spiritual growth from a previous class with me, and was so looking forward to the next series of classes.  Her husband did feel that Vicky knew she would be “changing address,” and kept telling him to attend because she felt the classes would be profoundly amazing.  Little did anyone know how right she was and how the experiences would be such a “gift” for all in attendance.  There aren’t enough words to say, but that it was sooo PONOlicious, and Mahalo Vicky!!

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