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Shares the traditional“about her culture,and Aloha Spiritual values  

The Teachings



There are no “accidents,” only the “timeless and opportune” moments to experience the “re-connection” to ancient teachings rooted in the Aloha Spirit, and to “consciously” weave it, like a beautiful, and colorful flower lei into your lifestyle today. It’s especially beneficial to all who call Hawaii, home, physically, energetically, or simply curious with desires to expand your experiences with the ever-flowing, living, breathing ‘mana that enlightens the energies within ourselves, and our Hawaii, be it “here,” or an ocean away, is but a heartbeat. So, tie your slippahs tight, and journey with Aunty Mahealani through the teachings of, Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala… Making right, more right the Path,” is the Hawaiian traditional method for “reconnecting” Self to Self-Greatness as rooted in the Ancient Hawaiian teachings, and pragmatic values within the Aloha Spirit for the teachings of Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala taught in the Mo’olelo- talking story consists of the following parts, frequently given at intervals to "aloha" and digest the teachings in all three aspects of “Self,” as follows:

Pono Part 1:

Ka Ho’omana’o ana no…the rememberance, the history of the teachings, and reconnections with the ancestors, angels, Spirit guides.

Pono Part 2:

Na Kanawai Holo’oko’a…the Universal laws, Spirit & Human Dynamics.

Pono Part 3:

Hele Ka ‘Olelo…Walk the Talk with Spirit, human and the teachings, the partnership.

Pono Part 4:

E Hana Pono, E Noho Hau'oli...Working Pono, Living a Happy Life!! Now that we've gained some PONO experiences, we can further add to our experiences by (1) summarizing with the teachings, and practiced applications; Did we do, and What was done?? (2) sharing, as a group, the experiences, (3) reconnecting to the Pono principals for living a happy life. (4) crossing the line, from "there to here."

Pono Part 5:

Ka Hala Ola…Past Life Regression+ Why Past Life Regression??? Although, Pono is about "doing" life in the "moment," here and now...however, the success for doing so, often requires identifying with the "one-ness," to include the reconnection to a past life or two, to clear cellular energies of pilikia, define energetic connections, or simply gain clarity from past into present purposes & directions. Ka Hala Ola meets these purposes, even beyond one's expectations.

Pono Part 5a:

Ka Loko Na Keiki… the “gang,” the Inner/ hidden Child/ children (depending on the class & time, this topic may require more than one class). This class may be done in lieu of the Ka Hala Ola class, or the Part 6 class when directed by the ancestors/ spirit guides. The Inner child/ children consists of the child-like characters that often times remain as hidden elements causing un favorable behavior patterns, and confusing results, due to childhood traumas. Reconnecting to the child/ children with proper communications as a Pono practioner adult helps them to "catch up," and align successfully to present self.

Pono Part 6:

Na Keiki Pa’ani…Celebrating Self-Alohas with Keiki magic! Considering the topic; this class is about taking the "opportunity" and making it a "priority," to celebrate the "One-ness" with your newly formed spiritual family (those in the class with you); and in this class, everyone comes as a Keiki, a child...no adults allowed, only growed up kine keikis, that are happy to share their mature, yet child-like manners of alohas! Everyone are encouraged to dress as children, including that of a past life character, and to bring 2 children-no-gender-type-wrapped gifts (valued at less than $3 per gift) for the game prizes, and random gift exchange. Optional; bring games or any game ideas you may wish to share with others to help make this event most "memorable!"

Questions and Answers....

Q; I'm not Hawaiian, and I don't know anything about the Hawaiian Spirituality; so how would someone like me benefit from the teachings?

A; according to the ancestors no one would benefit at all from the teachings including those of Hawaiian ancestry, unless one is really ready to do life "differently," and that is to willingly be one's own practitioner to recognize, overcome and replace old programs for "self sabotage."

Q; Is there anything "unique" about this teaching from other Spiritual teachings?

A; There are several unique factors; firstly, the teachings are rooted in the Aloha Spirit commonly known as the Universal Spirit. Thereby, not "cemented" in known structured religious dogma, thereby, ever evolving. The Aloha Spirit - Universal Spirit has no demands, but promotes freedom for choice to do, to believe, to formulate, even at random one's own belief system based in the recognition that one is a creator and co-creator of one's own life conditions upon "ever-changing" experiences. The teachings helps one to consciously, emotionally and spiritually reconnect all elements to becoming a better creator, a better human, moment to moment. In addition, the teachings are taught with Hawaiian words and phrases, and in the "mo'olelo" or talking story style. This style, and usage of the hawaiian words prove especially helpful at "unlocking" the analytical mind set in human logic, based upon minimal to no recognized, or nurtured Spiritual experiences. Further, the usage of the hawaiian words, powerfully & purposely engineered by the ancestors, are the "words" that, soulfully activates mental curiosity, and willingness to open channels in the brain, that were "stuck" in preconceptions, and limitations.

Na Mea Pono - Things of Excellence

The Bowl of Perfect Light

Ka Po’e Kahiko O Moloka’I - the ancient people from Moloka’i

Tales from the Night Rainbow by Pali Lee & Koko Willis,1987... And so it was known that “each child born came with a Bowl of Perfect Light.” And providing that the child was taught to carefully, mindfully tend to his/ her light, the child grew in strength, and able to do all things - swim with the sharks in the deepest oceans, fly with the birds in the heavens, know and understand all things. If, however, the child becomes envious, jealous, judgmental he/ she must drop a stone into their bowl of light, causing some of the light to go out, since light and stone cannot occupy the same space and time. And if one continues to fill the bowl with stones, the light will go out completely, and he/ she becomes a stone and like a stone, one no longer grows, or is able to move. One remains in this state of being until if at any time, one tires of being a stone and realizes that all he needs to do is turn the bowl upside down, letting all the stones fall out, and light can shine through and fill the bowl again, and grow even brighter than before. The child learns very quickly, that nothing is impossible, and living life in the darkness, the density of trauma and drama, or not is simply a “moment to moment choice.”

“Man has yet to tap into the fullest and most powerful resource found on earth or in all of the Universe. And that resource of powerfulness is no other than that in existence within all mankind. That power within escapes mankind and shall continue to do so, so long as the mind of man seeks sources of power from outside of self. Man sees power in nature and even sees power in all things produced, manufactured by himself and the more that he sees and seeks sources for power outside of self, the more he becomes convinced of his own lack of power…”

is the method based in the essence of traditional Hawaiian Spirituality, and within the ancient teachings identified as Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala – “making right, more right, the path.” Herein, the implication is the Aloha Spirit value for promoting the “wellness and rightness at the onset. In the Hawaiian aloha mind-set it was understood that one choosing to accept “wellness” at the onset, would receive it sooner than not, so the concept for “wellness,” suited the aloha Values and the practice was eagerly promoted and embraced. This form having existed prior to western and missionary influences, is virtually an unfamiliar practice by most Hawaiians today.

The One-ness

…is the knowing that all on the planet and in the Universe are of the same foundational make up, and that make up is energy. And it is energy, invisible, and real, the first structure to embody into a form, matter and density that operates at specific, though various frequency levels. Spirit is an energy, rarely sighted, due to it’s high frequency, uses it’s power to direct it’s energies to lower frequencies, resulting in the human form ideally suited to the earth plane. And spirit continues to create physical forms, and conditions for it’s human experiences, and that through human experiences the mind of man easily looses “reality” by disconnecting itself from spirit and spirit realities. It is the conscious mind that separates from the One-ness, the invisible energies of the all-ness, and the knowing, that all is energy, all is one-ness. It is the knowing that Spirit creates for human experiences. And that with Spirit, the reality of all, there are no negative experiences, but only in the mind of man who thinks to suit a human realty and need for it. With spirit, all things are possible, though man tends to easily disagree, and rightly so since man’s mind is not familiar to “possibilities, as it is to the impossibilities.” And so it will take consistent mental re-enforcements to reconnect to truth and spirit realities. Death, demise of the body, as accepted by the human mind is suicidal acceptance, and that there is and never has been a real reason for such acceptance.

Only as high as I reach, can I grow Only as far as I seek, can I go Only as deep as I look, can I see Only as much as I dream, can I be