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Shares the traditional“about her culture,and Aloha Spiritual values  

This is the first Puna Cuz'ns CD.

Preview Song Name Preview Song Name
1. Kaiwikuamo'okekuaokalani
2. Living in Easy
3. He Mele Aloha
4. Keia 'Nuenue Au La'akea
5. E 'Apono Nui
6. Ka Wahine Ilikea O Kona
  • Date Released: October 26, 2011 Label: Puna Cuz'ns / CD Baby
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I Hana Pa'a Pono Chant

This is an original chant & hula by Aunty Mahealani to activate Spirit-human-universal one-ness.

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I Hana Pa’a Pono

The letter I, pronounced as a long "e" sound; translated to mean "Internal/ Spirit" Hana, translated to mean external/ action (human) Pa’a, translated to mean, bring or join together. “Pono, " excellent, perfect.

Hula positions:

"I"(e) both hands at chest level, with palms facing chest. "Hana” hands with arms stretched out at 45 degrees at front of body at chest level. "Pa’a" hands together w/ arms stretched directly in front of body at chest level "Pono" bring hands clasp together from front of body to the heart.

Mahalo Nui, Apau Mau Loa

Translations; (I am) in gratefulness, forever and always

Hula positions; Places one under a double rainbow. Mahalo Nui with left hand on left hip, move the right hand from left shoulder overhead to right side at shoulder level to form a single rainbow. Apau Mau Loa, bring left hand up from hip to the inside elbow of right arm, and move left arm overhead and out to left side at shoulder level, to form a double rainbow.

Pono au, lokahi ao, holo’oko’a!!

Translations; I am in excellence, enlightened, and in unity with the universe!!

Hula positions; Pono au, both hands fisted facing down at chest level, conveying personal strength/convictions. Lokahi ao , keeping hands fisted, raise body and eyes looking into the horizon. Holo’oko’a, throw both hands up over head with eyes looking into the heavens in declaration of one’s greatness with the Universe.

Hawaiian Spiritual Chant

by Aunty Mahealani Kaiwikuamo’okekuaokalani Henry

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This is an original chant first introduced by Aunty to the members of her halau, Na Leo O Puna. Each line chanted, follows the single voiced "kahea" as noted in prentices. And the chanted lines and the Kaheas are voiced 3x. The translation is chanted by a single voice during the 3rd chant. Lawa is called/ kahea-ed (by a single voice, usually the one doing the "Kahea" to indicate the chant is ending, and the last 2 words in the chanted line (Na Kupuna) are drawn out. Then the closing "Kahea" is voiced (He inoa no na Kupuna) followed by the voiced translation upon this ending line..

Ka Lei Aloha I Na Kupuna (Ka Lei Aloha) Ka Lei Aloha i na Kupuna In the circle of love are the ancestors (Noho au) Noho au i ka Manawa I am (I dwell) in the moment (A me na Manawa) A me na Manawa iki ko’u pono and all my moments are in excellence (Mahalo nui) Mahalo nui no pomaika’i nei au I am so grateful for all the blessings that surround me (Ka Lei Aloha) Ka Lei Aloha i na Kupuna In the circle of love are the ancestors (Lawa) Ka Lei Aloha i na Kupuna In the circle of love are the ancestors (and myself…) HE INOA NO NA KUPUNA!! This is the named chant in honor of the ancestors and self
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