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Full Moon Celebration,held on the 2nd evening of the Full Moon known as the Mahealani Moon and held at Ahalanui Park, Kapoho - Puna.

Celebration event is open to the public; no fees charged, no reservations needed.

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Weather permitting to include clear skies, no cloud cover usually from May to October..

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Please e mail to confirm that the Full Moon ceremony to be held on the 2nd evening of the Full Moon, known as the Hawaiian Full Moon or the Mahealani Moon will take place alohaspirit

At the WARM POND (Ahalanui Park, Kapoho) about 10 -15 minutes after sunset.
Description & directions to the warm pond,

as follows:You can find it on the map; Locate the town named Pahoa. On the Keaau-Pahoa Hwy 130 to the stoplight nearest the outskirts of Pahoa town; At this stoplight, make a left onto Old Government Road- Hwy 132; and at the fork in the road, marked by a huge tree, stay to the left continue on (approx. 4 miles) til you come to the first and only Stop Sign, and it will intersect Hwy 137; make a right onto Hwy 137; continue for 2 miles til you come to a chain link fenced graveled parking lot, and take the second driveway into the Parking lot.

You may want to fill your gas tank in Pahoa before continuing to the warm pond.

Pahoa town area is the only gas station within this expansive coastline region. The Aloha gas station operates on credit card 24 hr service, or attendant during business hours. And during business hours, this mini shopping plaza has a super market, 2 sandwich shops, and my favorite South sea Island store called Jungle Love (excellent prices on Island clothing, etc.) located at the backend of the plaza and on the left corner end of the same building as the Hardware store.

The Warm Pond in Ahalanui Park in Kapoho, located outside of Pahoa town and on the Southeast coastline bordered by the rain forest on 3 sides with the expansive ocean at the front. This pooled large body of water is said to contain three feminine elements and energies from our fire goddess Pele, whose volcanically heated steam warms the pool, along with her elder sister-goddess of the ocean Namahaokekai's cooling salt water resources, lastly, another sister-goddess, named, Wailanikapu, the sacred waters from the heavens, feeding into the pool through underground spring waters. And so it is, that in all of Hawaii, this is the only uniquely sacred area where all three goddesses, and otherwise sibling rivalries exist in peaceful harmony in the same place and time.

The Mo'olelo-story about the pool is said to be a place of "renewal, rebirth" as it duplicates the womb, as one is comforted within the warmth of the pool, with nature's mixture of "just the right amount" of fresh life-giving water, with "just enough" heat, from Pele's steam vents, along with "just enough" salt from the ocean; all elements in balance to stimulate cellular memories of time before time, to beginning essence, life in water, the return to the womb; and according to the elders, one leaves the pool, "brand new," a new keiki-child rebirthed, and this time in all consciousness I often refer to this pool as my "office," since this is the sacred healing place that my grandfather and ancestors cleared & formed for use in their healings, and playtime celebrations. Today, I do the same followings. So, if your schedule permits, do fit a swim (and perhaps with a picnic) into the healing waters of "my office" to further connect you into the pulse & rhythm of this island.

Moon over the warm pond


And for an extradonary Watsu (lomi massage healing experience in warm water), in Puna, contact; Sylvie 965-9506, or 640-1582. email; sylvie_navjot@hotmail.com

And for all you "HARDY PELE VOLCANO-IST ADVENTURERS. You may want to experience a rare "once-in-a-lifetime" boat tour. Get up close and personal to view the lava flowing into the ocean by boat. The three hour Lava boat tour takes you within several yards of this "awesome and powerful" event as witness to the birthing of a island. Truly a rare experience, and not seen "anywhere" on the planet, or as accessible. THIS IS IT!! On the ocean lava boat tour; The Sunrise Tour is best, for nightview and early morning, also the ocean is calmer.

Email me for more details.